Daily Express Newsroom staff, 1988
Daily     Drone
HAPPY DAYS: Editor Nicholas Lloyd (later Sir Nicholas) with staff in the Express building in Fleet Street September 12, 1988. These picture were sent to cheer up sub-editor Paul Carter who was in hospital at the time. Pictures by Terry Disney

Pictured are, from left: Philippa Kennedy, Mike Parry, Peter from Manchester Desk, Mike O’Flaherty, Maurice Hibberd, Chris Djukanovic (behind), Phil Durrant, Jon Zackon (front), Leith McGrandle (behind Phil), Alex Hendry, Danny McGrory (half obscured behind Alex), Terry Evans (glasses half obscured), Nick Lloyd, Melanie Whitehouse, Mike Steemson (back in specs) Jim Watson, John Burns (bearded), Roger Watkins, Terry Manners (seated), Paul Crosbie (half obscured), Ashley Walton, Ken Weller, Simon Brodbeck, Colin Margerison and Louise Court (behind), Clive Bradley (with moustache), Fred Boyce, Steve Wood, Elaine Canham, Bill Owen, Andy Gregory (moustache), Andy Hoban, Nick Dalton, Stuart Kershaw, Brian Izzard, Ian Benfield, Brian Thistlethwaite and seated, smiling in front, Bob Cocksworth. Only one person in this picture, Andy Hoban, is still employed by the Express. Four are dead – Leith McGrandle, Danny McGrory, Colin Margerison, Brian Thistlethwaite and Bob Cocksworth
(Many thanks to Roger Watkins for his assistance in writing this caption)
THIS view includes people not on the original viz Gill Martin and Joe Neal on left next to Mike Parry. On right: Steve Wood, Andy Gregory (in moustache), Colin Parker, Andy Hoban, Bill Owen, Nick Dalton, Mike Cowton, Craig MacKenzie (leaning on elbow), Brian Thistlethwaite, Reg Cooper, Tony Fowler,  Jim Davis, Alan Hill (city sub), Chris Williams, Will Stewart and Paul Wilenius