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Pat Pilton leaves the Express
FAREWELL TO THE PILCHARD: This picture was taken in 1985 to celebrate Pat Pilton leaving as night editor to join Eddy Shah’s Today: Ready Eddy Go (geddit?). Left to right: Roger Watkins (deputy night editor) in front of Dick Dismore and sports sub Ray Williams. Then Dave Marvin, David Lucas, Bill Reynolds, Douglas Mann, Jan Barden, unidentified man in open-necked shirt, Alastair McIntyre in bow tie, Dan McDonald, Ray Cave, Philippa Kennedy, Ted Keeling (bearded) behind her, Roy Povey, Peter Kirkman from Manchester desk, Ian Benfield. Front, kneeling, David Llewellyn, Alan Frame (bearded) in front of Clive Goozey, Brian Izzard.                            Caption and picture supplied by ROGER WATKINS
Pat Pilton and Roger Watkins admire a framed print