Daily      Drone
DAILY EXPRESS back and middle benches late 1970s. Left to right: Nigel Lilburn, Peter Hedley, Jack the head messenger talking to Dick Dismore, a bearded Terry Manners (acting as copy taster), Craig Orr, Terry Ryle, Lloyd Turner (night editor), Roger Watkins (acting as chief sub), David Eliades (foreign desk) and Arthur Percy Firth (who, as Kelvin MacKenzie was fond of reminding him,"stood accused on two counts: masquerading as a journalist and ruining a once-great newspaper”). Arthur would have been editor at the time. This must have been at the time of the evening when Arthur, who always eschewed the delights of the Savoy Grill, had Alice (as in “pass the sick bag") bring him his nightly plate of egg and chips from the canteen which he wolfed before heading home to Stoke Poges to watch the latest episode of Coronation Street.

Caption by ROGER WATKINS, who also supplied the picture