Daily Express Art Desk through the years
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From left: Colin Parker, Jack Parker, Clive Bradley, Steve 'Biffo' Wood and picture clerk Roy Nelson in the new Blackfriars building, 1989
Kevin Walker, Dave 'Captain' Marvin and Clive Bradley, Fleet Street 1980s
Martin Fishwick and Tim Holder with unnamed girl, Fleet Street 1980s
The late Tim Holder and unnamed admirer, Fleet Street 1980s
Photographer Steve Wood and unnamed girl, Fleet Street 1980s
Photographer Joe Bangay gets stuck in with unnamed girl, Fleet Street 1980s
Ken Parker and Jackie Giles visit the sports desk, Fleet Street 1980s
David Marvin and unnamed girl, Fleet Street early 1980s
David Marvin finds that his luck has changed, Fleet Street 1980s
Ray Cave, David Marvin and David Wadmore , Fleet Street 1980s
Ray Cave points at Martin Fishwick's bottom, Fleet Street 1980s
Colin Parker (deputy art editor) and Roger Watkins (night editor) try to draw a page. In the background is a bearded and smoking Martin Fishwick. This pic was taken in the old Fleet Street office on February 10, 1988, a year before the move to Blackfriars.