Last of his line – Peter Michel retires at 80


Peter's last shift at the Express – the story was about Alzheimer's

Terence Lloyd with Peter and Ruby

Jonathan Cundy, Nick Jenkins, Geoff Stimson, Terence Lloyd

Crawford McAfee, Pat Welland, Jonathan, Peter, Vernon Rowe, Nick Jenkins and Geoff Stimson

Mark Hoey and Deborah Stone

Deborah Stone and Tony Reid

Peter and Helen McGiveron

Mark Hoey, Phil Postings, Peter, Jon Smith and a side view of Vernon Rowe

Late-night line-up: Mike Carter, Peter, Valerie Bolcina, Alastair McIntyre and Jon Smith. Jon Zackon lurks in the background

Jonathan Cundy, Peter and Pat Welland

Earning his stripes: With Tessa Evans-Hurrell

Mark Hoey and Deborah Stone

Veterans: Phil Postings and Peter

Terence Lloyd, who took these pictures at The Monument pub and Ruby

Ruby, Mark Hoey, John Maskey, Peter, and Willie Robertson

Jon Smith, Nigel Palmer, Keith Ging, Roy Povey, Dick Dismore and Nick Dalton

Getting the shakes ... with Andy Jones

Andy Jones, Tony Reid and Deborah Stone

Laughs with Jonathan Cundy and Pat Welland

A hug from Ruby

Goodnight all



Front pager: With Mike Carter