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Drone Photonews: The
fun of old Fleet Street
Express Building 1981
Tim Holder, 1995
Lady Stevens' Funeral 1989
Daily Express subs, c1979
Ready Eddy Go
Express Backbench 1970s
Art Desk through the years
Glad to be grey subs, 2006
Express redundos 1986
Thatcher at Express, 1978
Express staff 1988
Express Backbench c1979
Express subs' leaving page
Life after the Express
Reunion 2008
Kelvin MacKenzie in shorts!
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Ode to the Sub-Editor

A lament for a dying art

Lubjanka archive
News from the Daily Express
Desmond's 'life of luxury'
Cock-up of the centuryDaily_Express.html
Memories of the Street
Roll of Honour: DX Editors
Addis's big round-up of 96
DX's huge staff in 1973
Bingo and chums trouser the cash
What the Standard said about Bingo
Firings at Black Lubjanka
Cassandra on the good old days
Cudlipp's tribute to CassandraEditors.htmlStafflist.htmlStafflevels.html
2009 Express job cuts
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Newsroom Picture 1991

Daily Express editorial staff in the Blackfriars newsroom, 1991. The picture was taken to send to Jean Rook who was ill with cancer. 
Click here for picture in detailRooktribute.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0
Peter Caney, 62, sub-editor; Bob McGowan, 67, news reporter; Stanley Blenkinsop, 78, northern news editor; Bob Coole, 80, sub-editor; Geoff 'Chook' McClure, 59, sub-editor; Leith McGrandle, 66, deputy editor; and Ian Christie, 82, film critic, Tim Holder, 56, art director; Danny McGrory, 54, reporter; Craig Orr, 71, night editor; Ted Dickinson, 74, night editor; Lloyd Turner, 57, night editor.
Times obit for Bob CocksworthCaney.html

Michael O'Flaherty

We are sad to report that Mike, a great reporter and friend, died on February 12, 2012 at the age of 74. He had been suffering from heart problems and skin cancer.

A hard man with a heart of gold

A Fleet Street legend, the Drone's tribute

Express obituary

Drone Picture Special

Telegraph lifts obit from the Drone


Bill Jarvis

More bad news. Fleet Street veteran Bill Jarvis died on 6th March, 2012 in distressing circumstances. He collapsed with a heart attack at Kings Cross Station returning home from a subbing shift on the Daily Express. He was 75. Picture

Norman Luck

We have another shocking and untimely death to report. Ace reporter Norman Luck died peacefully in hospital on 4th March 2012 from lung and bone cancer. He was 71 and leaves a wife Ann who was at his bedside when he died. Norman had been receiving chemotherapy for some time but did not want his friends to know.

In full: David Eliades' funeral address

Norman's wisdom: A Drone tribute

Daily Express obituary

Daily Telegraph obituary

ROGER WATKINS reports from the wake: One colleague, no names, no pack drill, reluctantly ordered a cup of tea instead of wine (driving etc). "Oh, go on," we said, "one won't do any harm." To which the withering reply came: "Why would I want only one?"

So good that it's going to replace And Pigs Flew Down Fleet Street  as the title of my (as yet unwritten) autobiography.

ASHLEY WALTON reports on a huge

Fleet Street turnout for Norman's

memorial get-together.

Bruce Kemble

We are sad to report the death of Bruce Kemble, former education correspondent of the Daily Express and father of the NUJ chapel. He was 74.

Picture tribute

Lunchtime horror - Picture

Drones bunfight 23rd February 2012