The Can't Be Arsed Club


I have for some years been considering the establishment of an association of like-minded people who really can't be bothered to do anything much more than have a good time.

It seems me that people work far too hard for ridiculously long hours. Life, in short, is losing much of its enjoyment.

To this end, I am considering the establishment of the Can't Be Arsed Club.

But there are two problems, a Catch 22 if ever there was one.

1. I really can't be arsed to start the club.

2. The sort of people I would like to join couldn't be arsed to apply. And if they could be arsed they really wouldn't be suitable members.

This is a conundrum. If anyone has a solution to the problem please contact me urgently at

And I'll see if I can be arsed to reply. Don't hold your breath . . .